Applebees Application Form

Applebee’s hire hosts, servers, bartenders, cooks, dishwashers, and bussers to staff restaurants. Management careers also remain available with the prominent casual dining chain. Some job openings may require prior work experience or certification; however, many Applebee’s employment opportunities prove entry-level. Utilize the following PDF application form to apply for Applebee’s jobs:

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Applebee's Quick Facts

How old to work at Applebee's: 16

Average Applebee's hours of operation: Sunday-Thursday: 11:00am-12:00am; Friday-Saturday: 11:00am-1:00am

Number of Applebee's locations: 2,000+

How to Fill Out the Applebee’s Job Application Form

Review the form field explanations below to help you fill out the form

“Applying For” Section
At the start of the one-page application, the restaurant asks which position or positions an applicant desires. Options include server, line cook/food prep, bartender, food expeditor, host/hostess, and general utility. Though marking the boxes for multiple employment roles increases chances of hire if no openings exists in the first position, candidates should select the most ideal-sounding jobs. In addition, the beginning of the form offers applicants a space to indicate desired wages and date available to start work.

“Availability” Section
In the availability section, applicants indicate hours available for work. Applebee’s employs workers for four shifts: morning, lunch, dinner, and closing. Using check marks, write down specific availability for each day of the week in the table provided. The company also wants to know if applicants ever previously worked for the employer.

“Recent Jobs” Section
For the employment history section, candidates must put down three previous jobs, including the company names, titles, dates of employment, and supervisor names beginning with the most recent position held. Required fields in the employment section of the Applebee’s job application form include employer contact information, location of previous jobs, last rate of pay, and reasons for leaving. Previous supervisors may serve as references, so ensure the contact information and employment details remain valid.

“Personal Information” Section
The next section asks for basic contact information and details about employment eligibility. Personal information required on the Applebee’s application form includes name, address, social security number, phone number, and age. Check boxes indicating age and criminal history, as well. Again, only list correct and accurate information, or risk disqualification from employment when hiring managers discover inaccuracies.

“Signature” Section
At the end of the Applebee’s job application, the form asks for prospective employees to sign and date the document. The signature acts as a binding legal agreement signifying the information provided stands as accurate and truthful as possible. Any attempt to misrepresent or falsify information on the part of the applicant may lead to dismissal from consideration for the job and possible legal prosecution.

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