Burger King Application Form

The Burger King restaurant chain must regularly hire to fill crew member positions in fast food locations worldwide. The company primarily needs team members to act as cashiers and kitchen prep/cooks. Managerial jobs stand available in many areas, as well. Nearly all employment opportunities with restaurant remain entry-level and require little-to-no previous work experience. Make use of the following PDF form to apply for local fast food jobs:

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Burger King Quick Facts

  • How old to work at Burger King: 16
  • Average Burger King hours of operation: Open every day: 6:00am-2:00am
  • Number of Burger King locations: 12,000+
    • How to Fill Out the Burger King Job Application Form

      A highly sought-after place of employment, the fast food chain offers a simple and standard application form for entry-level job seekers pursuing work with the international quick-service restaurant. The job application features five sections and often starts with a statement disclosing independent franchisee ownership and establishing Burger King as an equal opportunity employer. Prospective workers must print responses legibly using ink.

      To help you get started, review the some of the explanations below.

      “Contact Information” Section
      The first section of the Burger King job application gathers basic contact information, including name, social security number, address, and phone number. Applicants must also indicate age and legal eligibility to work. Job seekers younger than 18 need to furnish acceptable proof of age at the time of hire.

      “Education & Work Experience” Section
      The next sections of the application investigate education and employment histories. Candidates provide the names, locations, and phone numbers of the most recently attended school and three most recent workplaces. Burger King also asks for the current academic enrollment status of applicants as well as dates of employment, hourly pay rates, names of supervisors, and reasons for leaving previous jobs. While remaining accurate and truthful, job seekers should offer brief explanations with only the most necessary information to avoid straying into negative commentary on previous employers.

      “General” Section
      After providing information about prior work experiences, candidates answer general questions exploring any previous employment with Burger King, terminations or forced resignations from prior jobs, and criminal convictions within the past seven years. Applicants responding affirmatively may also offer more detailed explanations, which should consist of straightforward descriptions reiterating excitement for the possibility of obtaining jobs with the quick service chain. The general information section of the application contains a chart for candidates to indicate preferred work shifts for each day of the week, as well. In addition, the company wants applicants to calculate total weekly schedule availability and give prospective start dates. Hiring managers typically prefer job seekers with the ability to work a variety of shifts. Applicants presently employed should set start dates far enough in advance to allow proper notice to the current employer.

      “Signature” Section
      The last section of the Burger King job application features a statement affirming the accuracy of the information provided and covering some general terms of employment. To complete the application fully, job seekers must sign and date the form before submitting the document to the appropriate Burger King restaurant. The burger chain maintains completed job applications for 30 days and requires prospective associates to reapply for employment after previous applications expire.

      Official Site: www.bkcareers.com