Champs Sports Application Form

Champs Sports regularly employs aspiring sales associates for work in retail stores across the country. The sports apparel and footwear retailer may also hire for stocking and merchandising positions as well as job opportunities in store management. Sales jobs generally remain entry-level in nature with minimal requirements, while managerial roles at Champs Sports usually require related experience in the industry. Use the following PDF form to apply for local job opportunities:

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Champs Sports Quick Facts

  • How old to work at Champs Sports: 18
  • Average Champs Sports hours of operation: Monday-Saturday: 10:00am-9:00pm; Sunday: 12:00pm-7:00pm
  • Number of Champs Sports locations: 550+
    • How to Fill Out the Champs Sports Job Application Form

      The retail chain operates as a subsidiary of Foot Locker. Job seekers must check off Champs Sports as the division to apply for, as the sporting goods chain uses the same employment application as the parent company. As noted on the form, applicants must print information and use ink. Write legibly in every field.

      “Contact Information” Section
      Completing the Champs Sports application begins with a basic information section covering preliminary topics. First, job seekers fill out personal information, such as name, address, and phone number. The next step involves answering a number of qualifier questions regarding eligibility to work in the United States and age range, followed by inquires about reasons for applying. Applicants may list recruiters, name referring employees, or fill in the “other” blank.

      “Availability” Section
      Aspiring workers must answer questions regarding availability. In the provided space, applicants write down the position desired with Champs Sports and select ideal time commitments for the job. Applicants may check off full-time, part-time, or seasonal work commitment. In the very next space, candidates need to list work availability for each day of the week.

      “Skills” Section
      Following the availability section, the application poses a few questions regarding relevant skills for employment with Champs Sports. The first question asks if applicants previously worked for Foot Locker or any retail divisions under the corporate umbrella. Subsequent questioning relates to relevant training, education, or experience applicants potentially bring to jobs. The document then asks what languages, other than English, job seekers speak, if applicable. Tying up the section, the form poses “Yes or No” questions about past felony convictions or theft-related misdemeanors. The application requests job seekers who answer “Yes” to give detail on the reverse side of the form. Champs Sports notes marking “Yes” may not automatically disqualify an applicant from hiring consideration; however, relevance of the offense, surrounding circumstances, and nature of the offence may affect hiring consideration from the athletic apparel retailer.

      “Employment History” Section
      The job application reserves the next segment for work history. In the space provided, list the company name, address, phone number, employment dates, weekly salary, position and supervisor, and reason for leaving. The form offers spaces to list three employers, and asks for workers to begin with the most recent company and work backwards. Champs Sports also asks applicants to detail significant gaps in employment on the back of the application form. Military service and schooling do not require explanations.

      “Educational History” Section
      Following the employment history segment, the application requires job seekers to describe educational history. The Champs Sports job application form offers sections for high school, college, and other educational training. Applicants need only fill out the sections which apply. Fields required to complete the document include the name of the school, address of the school, highest grade completed, major subject, and degree earned.

      “References” Section
      The last section of the Champs Sports application focuses on references. The section requires applicants to list two references. Fields needing filled out include name, occupation, phone number address, and years known. Finally, applicants must complete sign and date the bottom of the application.

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