Dollar General Application Form

Prominent discount retail chain Dollar General often hires motivated candidates to fill sales and customer service positions in stores across the country. The bargain retailer also needs experienced applicants for job openings in store management. Most positions prove entry-level opportunities with minimal qualifications for employment. Dollar General applicants may either pick up paper applications in-store or visit the company website and download printable PDF copies of the form. Individuals looking for work in the retail industry may fill out and turn in the following PDF form.

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Dollar General Quick Facts

  • How old to work at Dollar General: 18
  • Average Dollar General hours of operation: Open every day: 8:00am-9:00pm
  • Number of Dollar General locations: 10,000+
    • How to Fill Out the Dollar General Job Application Form

      Read the explanations below to help you complete the form accurately.

      To begin, workers must put the date and store location/number in the upper right-hand corner of the document.

      “Personal Information” Section
      The application form offers a field where job seekers enter personal contact information, including name, street address, social security number, primary and alternate phone numbers, and email address. Dollar General also provides a box to check whether an applicant stands 18 or older.

      “General” Section
      The next section of the application asks for general information. Dollar General wants to know if any relatives of applicants previously or currently work for the retailer. If applicable, provide the name of the person and the location worked. Applicants must also reveal legal authorization to work in the United States and divulge any criminal history more severe than basic traffic violations. If an applicant holds a criminal record, the worker must provide a detailed account of the infraction in the space provided. Applicants may attach additional documents to the application form explaining criminal history, if necessary. The last part of the general information section provides several boxes to check off regarding the ways in which applicants learned about job opportunities.

      “Employment” Section
      In addition to relatives, Dollar General asks if potential candidates worked for the prominent retailer in the past. If so, place the appropriate information in the spaces provided under the portion entitled Employment. In the same section, list the position or positions desired, salary expectations, and provide hours of availability, per day, in the chart graph. Also, check whether employment desired includes part-time or full-time hours. At the bottom of the section, applicants need to provide reasons for working in a retail sales environment. Answer truthfully and, if possible, relate career goals or past job experiences to the position(s) desired.

      “Education” Section
      The Education section represents the last of requested information on the first page of the application. Workers must provide detailed accounts of education history in the spaces provided. Make sure to list the name of each institution, courses studied, years completed, and past or expected graduation dates. Applicants should also list any professional licensures or certifications in the field provided just below the large graph. The company provides several boxes representing areas of expertise for applicants to check off, as well. Any skills not covered in the list of boxes should receive inclusion in the lines directly below the boxes, titled “Other Skills”.

      “Work History” Section
      The second page of the application begins with the question, “How many different employers have you worked for in the last five years?” Dollar General also prompts applicants to divulge received disciplinary sanctions or suspensions while employed. If so, the application provides a line for job seekers to explain the circumstances surrounding the infractions or sanctions. Job hunters must also note any gaps in employment greater than three months. Space for aliases assumed while employed at any time allows hiring managers to better corroborate employment history and background.

      Beginning with the most recent position and working backwards, applicants must fill out another detailed chart describing past jobs. Workers need to provide information such as company name, position(s) assumed, industry type, names of supervisor(s), dates employed, pay scales, favorite and least favorite aspects of the position(s), and reason(s) for leaving. Candidates must also provide a brief but detailed summary of the specific responsibilities assumed at previous jobs.

      “Work References” Section
      The final portion of the Dollar General application form asks for professional references. As a general rule, professional references should exclude friends or family. Write the name of the person, relationship with the person, phone number, email address, and street address. Applicants must also give the number of years acquainted with the person of reference. Provide as many references as possible; job seekers with three references may receive additional hiring consideration over other potential candidates.

      “Notification and Agreement” Section
      Close out the application by reviewing all information provided and signing the information release waiver at the bottom of the second page. The waiver also serves as an agreement for the accuracy and honesty of information provided. Failure to provide correct and truthful information may result in dismissal from the applicant pool and possible legal prosecution. Sign and date the document on the line provided directly following the legal statement and submit the completed job application form to a local Dollar General.

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