Dollar Tree Application Form

North American retailer Dollar Tree regularly hires individuals to fill cashier, sales associate, and stocker jobs. The discount retail chain also frequently looks for experienced workers to assume store management positions. Job titles outside of management typically incorporate entry-level duties and pose few requirements for employment consideration. Available managerial roles may require applicants to hold some related work experience, depending on the specific job. Download the PDF form below to apply with the nationwide chain now.

How to Fill Out the Dollar Tree Job Application Form

The Dollar Tree downloadable application provides instant access to thousands of jobs in the retail industry. Roughly two pages in length, the form features sections regarding personal background, education history, and employment history. The document also contains a legal agreement stating any information provided stands as accurate as possible.

Some of the form requirements explained below may assist job seekers in filling out the application.

To help you finish the application, some of the form requirements are explained below.

“Personal” Section
The personal information section on the Dollar Tree hiring form requires the full name and address of each applicant. Workers must also list earliest possible start dates for positions desired. Additional information needed in the personal information section includes social security number, phone number, and reason for applying. Prospective employees must also list any felony convictions, availability, military service, special training or skills, and eligibility to work in the United States. Age verification over 18 also appears in the personal information section of the application.

“Education” Section
Spaces provided on the document also include information on education, special skills, and any hobbies or personal interests. In the table provided in the section labeled Education, enter information about previous high schools, college, or vocational schools attended. Specifically, the application asks for names of institutions, addresses, coursework, majors, graduation or expected graduation dates, and, if applicable, degrees obtained. In the hobbies and personal interests field toward the bottom of the section, job seekers should offer information regarding personal likes relevant to any desired jobs. Refrain from listing questionable hobbies or personal interest conflicting with company core values or any ability to complete the regular responsibilities of the desired position.

“Employment History” Section
After completing the personal information and education sections of the Dollar Tree application form, job seekers move on to sections regarding employment history. Candidates must provide information regarding up to three previous employers on the form beginning with the most recent jobs held and working back. Data fields include company name, telephone, address, employment dates, address, supervisor name, and job title as well as regular responsibilities and beginning and ending pay rates. Employment hopefuls must also list reasons for leaving any previous jobs. If currently employed, workers may opt to disallow the retail chain from contacting supervisors by notating so on the document.

“Certification” Section
After completing all portions of the application form, prospective workers must then read and certify the information provided on the form stands accurate and truthful. If an individual feels confident with the information provided, she may sign and date the application and turn the completed form in to a local or desired Dollar Tree location. Unsigned application forms remain ineligible for hiring consideration.

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