Dominos Application Form

Pizza delivery chain Domino’s Pizza regularly needs cashiers, cooks, and delivery drivers to staff locations around the world. Shops under the company banner also seek out experienced workers for supervisory job opportunities. Most in-store jobs remain entry-level and require little-to-no prior work experience. Certain pizza shop positions may impose age restrictions or ask applicants to hold some related employment history. Use the accompanying PDF form to apply for work at a store in your area.

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Domino's Pizza Quick Facts

  • How old to work at Domino's Pizza: 16
  • Average Domino's Pizza hours of operation: Sunday-Thursday: 11:30am-12:00am; Friday-Saturday: 11:30am-1:00am
  • Number of Domino's Pizza locations: 10,000+
    • How to Fill Out the Domino’s Pizza Job Application Form

      To begin the Domino’s Pizza hiring process, job seekers must first fill out application forms. Accessible online as a downloadable PDF or as a physical copy available in-store, the application asks prospective employees for basic information regarding contact information, job history, education, availability, and how applicants hear about available job opportunities. Applicants in search of delivery driving jobs must also provide information regarding traffic records and verify valid licensure.

      To help you complete the application, a detailed breakdown of the form sits below:

      “Tell Us About Yourself” Section
      The first section of the Domino’s Pizza hiring form provides spaces for applicant contact information. Job seekers submit names, current street addresses, email addresses, phone number(s), and emergency contact information. The form also provides a box asking whether applicants stand legally able to work in the United States. Following citizenship verification and often found on the proceeding page, the document asks applicants to verify age. Workers 18 and over must check the “Yes” box to indicate legal independence as an adult. Another series of boxes immediately below the age verification section lists several ways applicants commonly hear about available jobs. Check off any applicable reasons for applying.

      “What Job Do You Want?” & “When Can You Work?” Sections
      Applicants must then list positions desired and the first dates available to begin work. Domino’s Pizza job hopefuls must indicate desired employment status as part-time, full-time, or temporary. The application form provides areas for applicants to indicate any current places of employment and also provides a table to fill out availability preferences. Complete the table as thoroughly as possible.

      “Education” & “Other Talents” Sections
      When finished providing information regarding availability, workers then move on to the education section of the Domino’s Pizza application form. The document provides spaces for applicants to include information regarding high school and college work. Print the names of schools attended, locations, and indicate graduation status legibly in the lines provided. Applicants intending to go to school or currently in school should indicate so in the box and data field provided below. On the same page, the pizza chain asks workers for additional talents or skills, which may include professional certifications, licensures, or accreditations. List skills applicable to any desired positions or abilities potentially increasing the odds of gaining employment.

      “Attendance” Section
      Directly following the Education section, Domino’s Pizza asks applicants to list other individuals who may take interest in pizza shop jobs with the international chain. In the same section, applicants must check “Yes” or “No” to indicate whether anything might obstruct a prospective associate from showing up to work regularly and on time.

      “Where Have You Worked Before?” Section
      Job seekers then move on to the employment history section of the Domino’s Pizza application. At the top of the page, the document asks if applicants previously worked or work for the pizza shop in any capacity. If so, indicate where, when, and who served as supervisor. Then, in the spaces provided, list the three most recent jobs held. Provide company name, job title(s), dates employed, job duties, supervisor, pay rates, and reason(s) for leaving. Complete as many of the data fields as possible. The form provides space for applicants to expand upon five previous employers. Regardless of the number of previous jobs held, always begin with the most recent.

      “Driving History” Section
      The next section gathers driving record information from delivery job hopefuls. Workers must provide current states of residence and approximate time spent living in the state. List the date of receiving a formal driving permit and provide auto insurance information, including policy number and expiration date. Many states require drivers to hold insurance by law. Applicants who previously or currently hold a driving permit in another country must indicate so on the application form, as well. The Domino’s Pizza application provides two lines for international drivers to list foreign driver’s license information. Workers must list any restrictions on valid driving permits by checking the appropriate box and explaining the restrictions on the lines provided. To conclude the driving information section, job hunters must provide detailed accounts of any auto accidents, tickets, or moving violations within three years.

      “Personal History” Section
      Personal history stands as another vitally important section of the Domino’s application form, where workers must provide detailed information on criminal history, if applicable. Applicants with criminal records must indicate convictions of felonies and/or misdemeanors in the spaces provided. Each section allows for job hunters to expand upon charges and convictions. As a company involved in the hiring and employment of delivery drivers, the chain also requires applicants to reveal any serious traffic or moving violations in the personal information section, which outlines requirements for vehicles used by employees, as well.

      “Signature” Section
      To close out the application form, workers must consent to the dissemination of the information provided and sign off on criminal background checks. Both sections require formal signatures and dates. Complete the waivers and consent forms after reviewing information provided. Falsified or misrepresented information may result in criminal prosecution and denial of employment with the pizza delivery chain.

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