Dunkin Donuts Application Form

Coffee shop chain Dunkin’ Donuts needs to hire aspiring crew members to staff locations around the country. Motivated workers generally fill cashier, barista, and baker positions as well as management jobs with the donut shop. Most of the in-store positions available include entry-level opportunities imposing very few requirements for employment. However, supervisory and baking jobs may ask applicants to possess some related experience. Print, fill out, and turn in the following PDF form at a nearby location to apply for work in the coffee shop industry.

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Dunkin' Donuts Quick Facts

  • How old to work at Dunkin' Donuts: 16
  • Average Dunkin' Donuts hours of operation: Open every day: 5:00am-11:00pm
  • Number of Dunkin' Donuts locations: 10,000+
    • How to Fill Out the Dunkin’ Donuts Job Application Form

      Dunkin’ Donuts offers a simple application form, which generally only takes a few minutes to complete. The five-segment application features sections for personal information, education, U.S. military service, legal history, and employment history. Applicants must complete each section with up-to-date information for employment consideration and use blue or black ink in legible form.

      Help Completing the Application Form

      “Personal Information” Section
      The personal information section of the Dunkin’ Donuts job application probes for basic contact info. Applicants must fill out last names, first names, and middle names in order. Next, workers list contact information, including home addresses, home phones, cell phones, business phones, and emails. The following section asks for the position applying for and dates available. Applicants then need to mark intents to work full-time, part-time, temporarily, or during the summer. In the same section, the hiring form features a table listing every day of the week where applicants must write down hours of availability each day. The personal information section concludes with questions about willingness to relocate, age, and how applicants found the job.

      “Education” Section
      Moving forward, the education section offers data fields for high school, college, graduate school, and other institutions. Applicants first need to fill out basic information, such as the names and addresses of schools attended. Job hunters then list any degrees obtained and/or areas of study and the number of years attended. To complete the section, applicants indicate graduation dates or expected graduation dates from each school.

      “U.S. Military Service” Section
      The next section asks about U.S. military service. A small segment, the military service section asks for branches of service, technical specialization, and ranks attained. Dunkin’ Donuts applicants without military service may leave the section blank or mark “N/A” in each field.

      “Legal” Section
      Next, the Dunkin’ Donuts employment form offers a legal section, which requires completion. The first question asks, “Are you legally authorized to work in the United States?” as the popular coffeehouse verifies employee identity and employment eligibility before hiring. Concluding the Legal section, the form asks, “Were you ever discharged by any company?” If yes, the application asks for the company name and the reason for discharge.

      “Employment History” Section
      The Dunkin’ Donuts application form then offers ample space for the employment history section. Applicants may list up to four previous employers starting with the most recent. The application asks for basic information, like employer name, duration of employment, job title, and supervisor. Next, job hunters list major duties, starting and final wages, and reasons for leaving. At the bottom of the employment history section, the form asks if applicants previously worked for Dunkin’ Donuts or any subsidiaries. If yes, applicants need to list the names and locations of each store, direct supervisors, and dates of employment.

      “References” Section
      The reference section rounds out the hiring form. In the spaces provided, applicants need to list three professional references. The sections require names, addresses, phone numbers, job titles, and years known. Applicants should list business acquaintances and avoid listing relatives as references. To complete the application form, applicants must read the information contained in the box marked “Please Read Carefully”, sign the bottom, and write in the proper date.

      Official Site: https://careers.dunkinbrands.com