Foot Locker Application Form

International footwear retailer Foot Locker frequently hires new staff members to fill store job vacancies. Entry-level employment with the shoe store chain mainly consists of sales associate jobs. In general, the job opportunities require no prior work history. The chain also regularly accepts applications for management careers, which usually call for some related experience. Applicants may print out and complete the following PDF form to find work with the company.

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Foot Locker Quick Facts

  • How old to work at Foot Locker: 18
  • Average Foot Locker hours of operation: Monday-Saturday: 10:00am-9:00pm; Sunday: 11:00am-6:00pm
  • Number of Foot Locker locations: 3,900+
    • How to Fill Out the Foot Locker Job Application Form

      Foot Locker offers a simple, straightforward job application. The form features sections for personal information, availability, employment history, education, and references. Job hunters must use ink and print clearly and legibly.

      The information below explains how to complete the Foot Locker application.

      “Personal Information” Section
      Candidates must provide full names to begin filling out the hiring form. Applicants list contact information, including permanent addresses and phone numbers with area codes. The next few questions cover employment eligibility. Job seekers must answer inquiries about eligibility to work in the United States and whether or not individuals stand at least 18 years old. A subsequent section lists questions related to desired positions and reasons for applying. Afterward, the form provides a table listing each day of the week. Employment seekers must fill in hours of availability for each day. Rounding out the personal information section, the job application asks about past experience with the company, relevant military experience, and languages other than English spoken.

      “Employment History” Section
      Following the personal information section, the application offers ample space for work history. Applicants include information on past employers with the most recent first. In addition, job seekers must include company name, address, phone number, employment date, weekly salary, position, and supervisor when listing a previous employer. The hiring form also gives space for Foot Locker applicants to provide reasons for leaving each job. Candidates should keep descriptions brief and to the point. The form asks for an explanation on the back of the document if applicants possess significant gaps in employment. Job seekers with gaps due to military service or school do not need to provide explanations.

      “Educational History” Section
      After employment history, the application asks for educational history. The form offers sections for high school, college, and other vocational trainings. Fields include name of the school, address, highest grade completed, major subject, and degree earned. Applicants need only fill out relevant sections and should mark N/A in sections that do not apply.

      “References” Section
      The references section completes the Foot Locker job application. Employment hopefuls list two business references in the space provided. Necessary information for each reference includes name, occupation, address, contact phone number, and years known. Applicants sign and date the bottom of the form to finish the application and certify the request for employment.

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