IHOP Application Form

Iconic restaurant chain IHOP regularly hires for entry-level jobs, such as host/hostess, server, busser, and dishwasher. Cooking opportunities also exist with the diner-style restaurant company, though some kitchen positions require previous work experience or specific certifications. The chain employs managers to oversee smooth restaurant operations, as well.

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IHOP Quick Facts

  • How old to work at IHOP: 16
  • Average IHOP hours of operation: Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Number of IHOP locations: 1,500+
    • How to Fill Out the IHOP Job Application Form

      IHOP employment hopefuls must complete job application forms to become eligible for hire. Prospective employees start the application by printing the date at the top of the form. Fill out the application neatly using black or blue ink.

      The information below describes how to fill out the application correctly:

      “Contact Information” Section
      The first section asks for the name, phone number, address, and candidate Social Security Numbers. IHOP also wants to know the position desired and method of referral. Applicants need to research commonly available jobs ahead of time to determine positions of interest. When completing the application, prospective workers should either skip or appropriately acknowledge any unanswerable questions. Responding with N/A or a short horizontal line typically proves sufficient.

      “Ability to Work” Section
      The next section of the application includes a series of questions establishing the ability of applicants to hold gainful employment legally in the United States and meet certain additional hiring requirements. Candidates must indicate age, previous employment with IHOP or affiliated companies, legal authorization to work, ability to meet the attendance requirements of the job, and any criminal convictions other than minor traffic violations. Job seekers under the age of 18 must obtain labor permits for continued hiring consideration. Applicants with criminal records should provide brief explanations acknowledging past legal transgressions and emphasizing accountability, personal growth, and excitement to begin work. The job application also requires candidates to give plausible start dates and desired rates of pay. Salary expectations should correspond with restaurant industry standards, while proposed start dates should give individuals ample time to resign from current jobs, if necessary.

      “Days and Hours Available to Work” Section
      After confirming eligibility to work, prospective associates provide information outlining schedule availability and employment history. The IHOP job application form includes a simple table for candidates to specify the days and hours available to work. Applicants should indicate flexible or open schedule availability to gain increased consideration from hiring managers.

      “Employment History” Section
      The employment history section of the job application gathers data pertaining to previous jobs, including employer contact information, dates of prior work experiences, positions held, names of immediate supervisors, brief descriptions of duties performed, and reasons for leaving. IHOP also seeks permission to contact current and past employers for references. If presently employed and conducting a discreet job search, applicants should decline requests to contact the current employer and notate the perfectly acceptable reason on the application form.

      “Educational Background” & “Professional References” Sections
      Educational background and professional references make up the next section of the IHOP job application form. Candidates must supply names and locations, number of years completed, graduation status, and major or degree programs for each high school, college, and other academic institution attended. The company also requires applicants to submit contact and relationship information for three references. Prospective employees should list managers or supervisors from past jobs as references whenever possible.

      “Applicant Statement” Section
      The application concludes with an applicant statement certifying the accuracy and truth of the information within the form. IHOP also uses the applicant statement to present the terms and conditions of the upcoming hiring process and potential employment. Job seekers must sign and date the bottom of the application form to indicate awareness of the information contained in the statement. The restaurant chain considers submitted applications expired after 30 days and often requires new-hire associates to pass a drug screening within the first 90 days of employment.

      Official Site: www.ihop.com/careers