Marshalls Application Form

Retail department store chain Marshalls needs to hire for a number of entry-level opportunities on a regular basis. Store jobs requiring little-to-no previous work experience include cashier and sales associate positions. The popular department store also needs supervisors and store managers, two job titles demanding some relevant employment history.

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Marshalls Quick Facts

  • How old to work at Marshalls: 16
  • Average Marshalls hours of operation: Monday-Saturday: 9:30am-9:30pm; Sunday: 11:00am-8:00pm
  • Number of Marshalls locations: 750+
    • How to Fill Out the Marshalls Job Application Form

      The Marshalls application enables job seekers to present detailed summaries of work experiences and other qualifications. Consisting of eight sections, the job form provides spaces at the top for the current date and the name of a referent, if applicable. Candidates without specific referrals should leave the Referred By space blank, as the chain asks how applicants learned about available jobs in a later section.

      “Personal Data” Section
      Applicants begin by providing personal information. Prospective employees enter basic contact information, including names, current and previous addresses, and phone numbers. Marshalls also wants to know if candidates applied to or worked for the company before, know any current associates, and the specific outlets used to find job openings. While job seekers need to provide proof of identity if hired, applicants under the age of 18 must indicate the ability to furnish work permits.

      “Employment Desired” Section
      After completing the personal data section of the job application, prospective Marshalls associates respond to a series of questions relating to employment desired. Candidates must identify the position or positions applied for, set start dates, and determine the number of hours available for work each week. The retailer also asks about applicant willingness to relocate and if job seekers prefer part-time, full-time, regular, or temporary and seasonal employment. Workers must also fill in a convenient table offering spaces to record daily schedule availability. Before advancing to the next section of the application, candidates should review available job descriptions to select positions of genuine interest and choose start dates at least two weeks after potential interviews in order to give proper notice to current employers, if necessary. Applicants should also keep schedule availability as open as possible to increase chances for employment, as the department store often hires associates to work a variety of shifts based on business needs.

      “Experience” Section
      Marshalls requires job seekers to include complete employment histories in reverse chronological order on the application form, even with resumes attached. The experience section of the application asks for the contact information, job titles, supervisor names, reasons for leaving, dates of employment, work performed, and starting and final pay rates for all previous jobs. Entry-level candidates with limited job experience should list any instances of self-employment or volunteer work. Applicants may attach additional sheets of paper if necessary to provide comprehensive information covering entire job histories.

      “Education” & “Skills and Qualifications” Sections
      The following sections of the Marshalls job application form deal with education and special skills. Job seekers must circle the highest grades completed, list the names and locations of high schools attended, and indicate receipt of diplomas or GEDs. The education section also contains a table for applicants to enter any college information, including names and locations of universities attended, major and minor fields of study, types of degrees or certifications, and graduation status. Candidates then need to indicate whether the retail chain may contact the specified schools to verify information provided. After completing the education section of the job application, prospective workers encounter a series of checkboxes listing various skills and qualifications. Applicants must mark selections applicable and notate any additional relevant skills or special training in the space provided directly below the checkboxes.

      “Professional References” Section
      Immediately following the skills and qualifications section, Marshalls gathers contact information for three professional references. Ideally, references should represent managers or supervisors from past jobs where applicants performed well. The document restricts reference options to professional contacts with no relation to candidates outside of work. Applicants must provide the names, work relationships, email addresses, and phone numbers of references listed. Job hopefuls must also indicate and grant the retailer permission to contact references. Non-compliant workers must explain reasons for refusal. While hiring managers generally understand not to contact current employers during a job search, applicants should still reiterate the need for discretion, if applicable.

      “Security” Section
      The final sections of the job application include questions and statements relating to security, accuracy of information, and Marshalls hiring procedures. Applicants must disclose any felony convictions from the past seven years, with certain exceptions for residents of California, Connecticut, Georgia, and Illinois. Job seekers residing in the specified states should carefully read the information explaining the exceptions on the next page of the application form before answering any questions about criminal offenses. Similar questions probe applicants as to whether the workers ever took merchandise, money, or property from past employers without permission. After responding to the two security questions, candidates must read and sign a statement certifying the accuracy of information provided, setting certain terms of employment, and authorizing background inquiries. Although the nationwide chain keeps submitted applications on file for up to a year, job seekers must reapply for employment after 90 days in order to maintain current hiring eligibility.

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