McDonalds Application Form

McDonalds, a prominent fast food chain, must often hire on new crew members to staff restaurant jobs around the world. Entry-level positions with McDonalds include team member, cashier, drive-thru attendant, and cook opportunities. Additionally, the fast food restaurant chain needs shift supervisors, trainers, and managers. These positions require work experience in food preparation and customer service. McDonalds job hopefuls should submit a finished copy of the following PDF form to the nearby fast food location of choice.

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How to Fill Out the McDonalds Job Application Form

The official McDonalds application form provides jobs seekers detailed information on company culture, franchising opportunities, and available jobs. The first page of the document describes opportunities for advancement, job benefits, and career development. The McDonalds application moves on to six different sections, including contact information, availability, employment history, education history, military history, and general information. Workers must fill out the form legibly using blue or black ink. Spaces left blank or containing misrepresented and falsified information may result in removal from contention for McDonalds jobs.

To help you complete the application, we have provided more detailed information below.

“Contact Information” Section
The first section encountered on the McDonalds application form includes spaces for contact information. Applicants must provide first name, last name, home phone, cell phone, birthdate, social security number, and age verification. Applicants under the age of 16 often need work permits to obtain even entry-level jobs. McDonalds also asks if applicants previously worked for the company. If yes, workers must state reason for leaving.

“Availability” Section
The second section of the application document asks for applicant availability preferences. Prospective McDonalds employees need to list the total number of hours available per week and complete a small chart featuring the days of the week with the specific hours able to work. Applicants must also verify eligibility to work in the United States by circling “Yes” or “No”. The section provides space for job hunters to provide general proximity to the desired McDonalds location and indicate a reliable source of transportation. Applicants with steady means to get to work typically receive hiring consideration over other candidates. To close out the section, the McDonalds job application asks to reveal how workers heard about the job opportunity.

“Employment History” Section
The next section regarding employment history provides three spaces for applicants to divulge past work experiences. Unemployed job seekers or inexperienced workers may list volunteer activities. Begin with the most recent jobs first. Applicant requiring more space may attach a separate sheet of paper to the job application with the additional employment history listed. However, McDonalds applicants typically need only the most recent work opportunities listed to receive hiring consideration, unless the applicant does not provide permission to contact the previous employer. Each space provided asks for company name, address, phone number, position held, basic job duties, past supervisors, pay rates, dates employed, and reasons for leaving. If terminated or fired from a previous job, demonstrate personal growth or newfound senses of responsibility when explaining the situation. Applicants may choose not to allow McDonalds to contact previous employers, as well.

“School Most Recently Attended” Section
McDonalds job applicants move on to the education history section next. A brief section, education history requires the name, courses taken, graduation or expected graduation date, grade point average, teacher or person of contact, and last grade completed of the most recent school or institution attended.

“U.S. Military” & “General” Section
Another short section labeled ‘U.S. Military’ directly follows the education history section and asks, if applicable, for information regarding branch served, entrance and discharge dates, and civilian workforce-related skills. A brief line asking for general information regarding work-related skills follows military history on the McDonalds application.

“Legal Terms” & “Signature” Sections
The final section of the McDonalds job application serves as a waiver and disclaimer page. Enclosed sit McDonalds company corporate and franchise policies on discrimination based on age, gender, and ethnicity, as well as specific regulations for hiring in the states of California, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Maryland. Applicants must also disclose any existing criminal history on the last page of the job application. If indicating “Yes”, workers must provide a detailed account of the infraction(s). To conclude the job application, McDonalds employment hunters must sign and date the disclosure of information form at the bottom of the document. The signature serves as a legally binding statement saying the above mentioned individual provides truthful and accurate information in the pages of the job application. Applicants must sign and date the form to receive employment consideration.

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