Old Navy Application Form

Trendy clothing retailer Old Navy frequently hires motivated and fashionable applicants to fill entry-level store jobs. Positions available regularly include cashier, sales representative, and stock clerk. Management prospects also exist with the retail chain; however, most supervisory jobs require related experience in customer service, sales, or leadership. Submit the PDF application form below to a local or desired storefront for employment consideration.

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Old Navy Quick Facts

  • How old to work at Old Navy: 16
  • Average Old Navy hours of operation: Monday-Saturday: 10:00am-9:00pm; Sunday:10:00am-6:00pm
  • Number of Old Navy locations: 1,000+
    • How to Fill Out the Old Navy Job Application Form

      Parent company Gap Inc. administers the application form for Old Navy along with additional properties, such as Banana Republic and Gap. The employment form spans roughly two pages and features questions and prompts regarding work experience, education, references, and other additional and related topics. Applicants must fill out the required forms entirely before submitting the documents to receive hiring consideration. Job seekers must use black or blue ink to complete the form and write legibly and in print or potentially face instant dismissal from applicant pools. Forging or lying on an official application form may also result in the exclusion from further review.

      If workers need more help completing the application, read more about each form field below:

      “General Information” Section
      General information required on the application includes desired stores and positions, names, dates, street addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses. Additionally, applicants should indicate types of employment desired, i.e. full-time, part-time, or seasonal. Applicants must also enter availability throughout a given week into the data table provided as well as the minimum pay rates desired and earliest dates available to begin work. The section also provides space to indicate any previous employment with Old Navy or other The Gap Inc. companies.

      “Work Experience” & “References” Sections
      One of the most important sections of the Old Navy job application involves work experience and references. Directly following the general information section, the work history and references portions help hiring managers choose the best potential employees. Applicants must provide jobs most recently held in descending order from most recent to least. Include employer name, location, supervisor, and dates employed. Additional employment history questions generally ask about any previous dismissals or terminations from past jobs and/or criminal convictions involving felonious activities or theft-related misdemeanors. Candidates must also provide at least three business or professional references of no familial relation.

      “Education & Training” Section
      The Old Navy application also asks job seekers to reveal educational history. Typically pertaining to high school and college backgrounds, the education section asks prospective employees to mark institution names, years completed, major coursework studied, and degrees obtained, if applicable. Applicants should note any additional training received relating to the desired job title, fluency in any foreign languages, and other relevant job skills in the space provided.

      “Permission to Work” & “Referral Source” Sections
      Two rather short sections on the Old Navy application probe for eligibility to work in the United States and how applicants found out about job openings. Workers find boxes offering Yes or No responses to legal authorization to hold and maintain employment in the U.S. as well as multiple choices representing ways workers discovered available job opportunities. Check every applicable box and move on to the next section of the application form.

      “Additional Questions” Section
      Just before the end of the Old Navy job application, additional questions posed by the company involve interest in the job, personal strengths, and negative aspects of previous jobs. Answer each question in a clear and concise manner. Use direct language and, if possible, relate past jobs or professional experiences and how each benefits any ability to perform the job duties of the position desired.

      “Applicant’s Statement” Section
      Complete the hiring documents in organized and legible manners. Review each section prior to submitting the employment forms to ensure accurate, truthful information and ease of read. Potential employees must sign and date the forms to receive employment consideration from the nationwide clothier. The signature portion of the document acts as a legally binding consent to disseminate information provided. Workers failing to provide accurate information may stand subject to legal prosecution and denial of employment.

      Official Site: www.gapinc.com/content/gapinc/html/careers/oldnavy-careers.html