Olive Garden Application Form

A popular chain of Italian restaurants, Olive Garden must hire to fill a number of entry-level positions on a consistent basis. Restaurant jobs calling for little to no previous experience include hosting, serving, bussing, and dishwashing roles. Olive Garden also needs bartenders and managers, but these positions require some related work history, depending on location and specific job title. Employ the PDF application form below to apply for work with an Olive Garden restaurant in your area.

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How to Fill Out the Olive Garden Job Application Form

Olive Garden offers a simple application for the convenience of prospective workers. The form includes sections for general information, work schedule availability, education, volunteer and military experience, and business experience. Olive Garden requires applicants to fill out the application entirely and in a truthful and accurate manner. An applicant may submit a resume in addition to the application but must also submit the employment form to receive hiring consideration from the restaurant chain.

If you need help completing the application, read more on each section of the form below.

“General” Section
The general information section requires name, social security number, day and evening phone numbers, and current address. Workers with less than two years spent at an address need to list previous home addresses in the next address line. The application requires applicants to indicate age with the choice of under 21 or over 21, as well. The personal information section then inquires about eligibility to work in the United States. Next, the application asks for the applicant to choose a desired position. Olive Garden position choices include server, host, bartender, busser, line cook, production, dishwasher, and alley coordinator job titles. Following desired position, applicants need to list expected starting hourly rate. The personal information section concludes with questions about past felony convictions.

“Work Schedule Availability” Section
The Olive Garden application then features a section for work schedule availability. Olive Garden offers shifts from 7:00 AM to 2:00 AM, and the availability section includes a table that features AM and PM cells for each day of the week. The section then asks if applicants possess the ability or desire to work split shifts, late-in emergencies, or weekends and how many hours per week an applicant expects to work.

“Education” Section
Following work schedule availability, the Olive Garden application asks for education history. The form offers space for high school and college experiences. In the cells provided, applicants need to list the names and locations of schools attended, courses majored in, most recent year completed, degrees or diplomas earned, and grade point average. Applicants without college experience should write ‘N/A’ in the college section.

“Volunteer & Military Experience” Section
In the next section, Olive Garden applicants need to list any volunteer or military service. The application first asks for description of volunteer involvement. Applicants may list any volunteer experience, excluding activates relating to race, religion, ancestry, age, national origin, gender, and disability. Next, the form leaves space for skills acquired from volunteer experience. The forum then inquires about U.S. military experience and skills acquired while in the service. Applicants without military experience may leave the section blank or write in ‘N/A.’

“Business Experience” Section
Olive Garden leaves the final section of the application for business experience. With space provided for three companies, the Olive Garden application asks applicants to list the most recent employers. The application form asks for company contact formation and position information. For company contact information, applicants need to cite employer name, address, and contact phone number. To describe the position, job hopefuls need to list the starting and ending work dates, salary, job title, and reason for leaving.

“Legal Terms & Signature” Section
Before completing the application, job hopefuls need to read through several agreements and notices. The agreements cover work eligibility and general company policies. Olive Garden also provides a notice to tipped employees covering the Fair Labor Standards Act. After filling out the entire application and reading through the agreement, applicants should sign and date the form. The job application must contain a valid signature.

Official Site: www.olivegarden.com/careers