Panera Bread Application Form

Panera Bread, a popular chain of fast-casual restaurants, must regularly hire new team members to fill foodservice positions around the country. Entry-level job titles available with the popular chain include cashier, baker, prep cook, and the general role of team member. In addition, the company needs seasoned foodservice workers to staff a variety of supervisory roles. More advanced positions in baking or cooking may also require previous work experience or certification.

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Panera Bread Quick Facts

  • How old to work at Panera Bread: 16
  • Average Panera Bread hours of operation: Monday-Friday: 9:00am-9:00pm; Saturday-Sunday: 10:00am-9:00pm
  • Number of Panera Bread locations: 1,600+
    • How to Fill Out the Panera Bread Job Application Form

      The job request form includes several sections asking for basic and personal information regarding prospective employees. Jobs seekers must complete the application to the best of personal knowledge in order to receive hiring consideration. The form requires applicants to use blue or black ink and to write in legible manners. The dissemination of false information or misrepresentation of an applicant on the form may result in denial of employment and possible legal prosecution. Panera Bread keeps applications active for 60 days, after which prospective workers must submit new forms.

      Detailed information for each form field sits below.

      “Personal Data” Section
      The first section of the Panera Bread application asks for personal data. Information required in the section includes name, date, Social Security Number, phone number, age verification, ability to legally work in the United States, position desired, availability, earliest date available to start, criminal history, references, and previous history working for the restaurant chain. In the section sit boxes to check off Yes or No for some of the information and a small table for applicants to fill out specific hours of availability Monday through Sunday. For questions requiring Yes” or “No answers, applicants must also provide detailed information in the spaces below when prompted. Write legibly and in clear and concise manners. Applicants may also attach additional pages of information to the application. Make sure to note in the space provided where hiring managers may access the pertinent information by writing See Additional Page.

      “Educational Data” Section
      After the personal data section, Panera Bread job seekers move on to the educational data part of the application. Here, prospective workers provide information regarding formal education. The spaces provided include data fields for high school, college, and vocational or technical institutions. Potential employees must include names and addresses of the institutions, major fields of study, and other minor subjects or areas of interest studied. An applicant must also indicate year of graduation or projected graduation at each institution. Limit areas of interest to one or two subjects and, if possible, only provide coursework directly related or beneficial to the position desired.

      “Employment History” Section
      The third section of the application asks employment hunters to list previous jobs from most recent to least recent. Workers may add additional pages to the Panera Bread application to explain and expand upon employment history, if needed. Required information in the employment section includes past job titles, company names, phone numbers, addresses, names of past supervisors, dates employed, reasons for leaving, job descriptions, and whether or not the company may contact previous employers. If currently employed, workers may opt not to allow recruiters to contact current supervisors.

      “Other Accomplishments” Section
      A brief section directly following the employment data portion of the Panera Bread form allows applicants to expand upon previous accomplishments. Use the section to relate past accreditations, certifications, awards, or recognitions to the opportunities available. Listing relevant or relatable accomplishments reduces clutter on the form and provides a broader and deeper picture of personal and professional experiences.

      “Military History” Section
      Any military veterans or current servicemen should record past armed forces experiences the military history portion, as well. Choices include veteran or non-veteran status, ROTC, National Guard, or Reserve status and affiliation, branch of service, and dates of service. Workers with relevant military training for the position desired should indicate as such in a small box directly below the military data field. If Yes, candidates must also provide a detailed explanation of the training.

      “References” Section
      Panera Bread provides spaces for two references. Applicants should provide at least two references to increase odds of gaining employment. Provide the name, address, and telephone number of each person selected. Job seekers should also indicate the occupations of the referents.

      “Signature” Section
      At the conclusion of the Panera Bread job request form, workers must sign and date the application acknowledging the information provided stands as credible and as accurate as possible. The signature also serves as consent to random drug screening and background checks prior to and during potential employment. Workers must initial in several places throughout the signature section before providing the finalizing signature at the end of the document. Review the application completely before signing to ensure the best possible information and to avoid prosecution or dismissal from hiring pool.

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