Pizza Hut Application Form

A widespread chain of pizza delivery restaurants, Pizza Hut needs to add team members to fill a variety of entry-level job openings. Pizza shop positions, such as host, server, cook, dishwasher, and delivery driver, require little-to-no prior work experience. The chain also hires various levels of management at many locations. Candidates must meet age and experience qualifications, which vary by restaurant location and position. Use the PDF application form below to apply for employment at a nearby location.

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Pizza Hut Quick Facts

  • How old to work at Pizza Hut: 16
  • Average Pizza Hut hours of operation: Open every day: 11:00am-12:00am
  • Number of Pizza Hut locations: 11,000+
    • How to Fill Out the Pizza Hut Job Application Form

      Pizza Hut provides a short yet comprehensive job application for prospective employees. Workers must fill out the form and return the completed document to desired locations in order to receive employment consideration. The application breaks down into five sections: personal information, education, employment, references, and signature. Using blue or black ink serves as the ideal means to fill out the form. Applicants must fill out the form legibly and without spelling or grammatical mistakes. Information provided must stand as accurate and truthful as possible, as well.

      For more help completing the application, read about the form fields below.

      “Personal Information” Section
      Prospective Pizza Hut associates begin the job application by filling out basic contact information. Required fields include name, address, phone number, and Social Security Number. The personal information section also asks for position desired, age verification if over 21, date of birth, whether an applicant holds any felony convictions, previous employment with the company, and the names of any friends or family who previously or currently work for the international pizza chain. Job seekers also input hours available during any given day of the week and mark the desired job, including part-time or full-time employment status.

      “Educational” Section
      The education section of the Pizza Hut application provides spaces for job hunters to clarify education experience. Several lines provided include space for information regarding high school, undergraduate, graduate, and vocational school. The employment form asks for names of institutions attended, major areas of study, years attended, graduation confirmation, and, if applicable, degree or certification obtained.

      “Employment” Section
      After completing the education portion of the employment request, Pizza Hut applicants move on to provide information regarding previous employers. The restaurant chain asks candidates to enter information on the most recent jobs held. Beginning with the most recent work experience, applicants provide company names, street addresses, phone numbers, positions held, job duties, start and end dates, starting and ending pay rates, reasons for leaving, and names of primary supervisors. If possible, relate previous job duties to desired positions. Provide short, concise descriptions to avoid confusing hiring managers.

      “Personal References” Section
      Before signing the document, Pizza Hut job applicants must provide professional references. Typically former or current business contacts, professional references add validity to candidates. Enter the name, occupation, and relationship for each reference in the data fields provided. Avoid using immediate family.

      “Signature” Section
      The final section of the Pizza Hut job application includes information for the applicant regarding dissemination of information. Serving as a legal waiver, the signature certifies an agreement between applicants and the pizza chain. The agreement requires information provided in the form to stand truthful and accurate. Additional information regarding hiring, termination, wages, and benefits also sits in the signature section. Workers must sign and date the form to gain employment consideration. Review the job application prior to signing to ensure each field remains filled in and to catch any spelling or grammatical errors.

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