Sonic Drive-In Application Form

Fast food chain SONIC Drive-In regularly fills entry-level crew member positions. Team members may work with customers in the parking lot as skating carhops or in the kitchen as food prep employees or cooks. The roles require few qualifications for hiring and provide paid training upon hire. Restaurant locations hire supervisors to manage operations, as well. Management opportunities usually require experience in the foodservice industry or fast food restaurants, specifically. Print out, complete, and submit the accompanying PDF application form to a location of choice for immediate employment consideration.

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SONIC Drive-In Quick Facts

  • How old to work at SONIC Drive-In: 16
  • Average SONIC hours of operation: Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Number of SONIC locations: 3,500+
    • How to Fill Out the SONIC Drive-In Job Application Form

      To begin the SONIC Drive-In hiring process, prospective job seekers must fill out application forms. Available in store or as a downloadable PDF document online, the job application provides direct access to entry-level jobs and professional careers in the fast food industry. The document asks for a variety of information from applicants, including contact numbers, addresses, availability, expected start dates, references, employment histories, and education backgrounds. Applicants must complete each section and sign and date the form to gain employment consideration. The fast food chain requires workers to use blue or black ink to fill out the form and write legibly. Job seekers must provide truthful, accurate information or face possible penalty under law and expulsion from applicant pools.

      Workers in need of help filling out the application should read about the sections of the form below.

      Personal Information & Availability Sections
      In the first section of the SONIC Drive-In application, the restaurant chain provides spaces for applicants to list desired position(s), date, names, Social Security Numbers, street addresses, telephone numbers, where the applicants heard about the job openings, and consent to allow contact at work. Job hopefuls must indicate types of employment desired, i.e. part-time, full-time, or temporary, and hours of availability. The employment form provides a chart for applicants to specifically outline hours available each day of the week.

      Eligibility to Work Section
      Workers must then indicate legal ability to work in the United States, verify age over or under 18, previous work experience at SONIC Drive-In locations, and consent for the prominent fast food chain to contact previous or current employers. Inquiries regarding possible criminal history also sits as part of the series of questions. Applicants must indicate “Yes” or “No” to previous convictions of any crimes greater than moving or traffic violations. If so, a line directly following the checkmark box allows ample room to explain infractions. If an applicant needs more space, she may attach an additional page to the application but must indicate so in the space provided. On the next line, workers must also indicate any accommodations necessary to carry out the specific responsibilities of the position desired, including disabilities, health issues, and transportation issues.

      References Section
      Applicants then provide professional references. SONIC asks potential workers provide three references of no familial relation. Enter the name, telephone number, and years acquainted with each referent in the boxes provided.

      Educational Background Section
      The following section provides space for workers to enter education history. Easy-to-use, a table asks for names of schools or institutions, locations, courses of study, years completed, and degrees obtained. Applicants in school who expect to graduate should place N/A in the degree obtained field or provide a projected graduation date.

      Employment History Section
      Workers must provide detailed employment history to gain hiring consideration. Beginning with the most recent employer and working backward, job seekers need to enter dates employed, names and addresses of each company, beginning and ending pay rates, supervisor names and telephone numbers, and reasons for leaving. The application form provides space for three previous jobs. Workers with longer job histories may attach separate documents to the employment form detailing additional past positions held. Below each box, the printable hiring form provides space for specific job titles and the general responsibilities performed. Use active phrasing to clearly state job duties. The employment history boxes provided run somewhat small. Print legibly and, if necessary, provide entire work history on a separate page.

      Applicant Statement Section
      The final portion of the SONIC Drive-In application form serves as a consent form and waiver. A disclaimer directly preceeding the signature line provides pertinent information regarding equal opportunity hiring policies, drug screening, and ADA compliance in the workplace. Applicants must sign and date at the bottom of the form in acknowledgement of receiving the information provided in the disclaimer. The nationwide chain may reject or deny bids for employment based on incomplete job applications, including failure to sign and date the form or complete any other portion of the document in anything less than accurate and truthful manners.

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