Starbucks Application Form

Starbucks operates as a successful chain of coffee shops with more than 20,000 storefronts around the world. An expanding chain, the coffeehouse frequently needs to hire on new workers to staff entry-level jobs in locations across the globe. Entry-level positions available mainly consist of cashier and barista roles. Cashiers operate cash registers, while baristas make hot and cold beverages for customers. Management opportunities also exist at many coffee shop locations but may require previous employment history working around people and coffee. Job hunters should submit completed versions of the PDF form below to a nearby coffeehouse for employment consideration.

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Starbucks Quick Facts

  • How old to work at Starbucks: 16
  • Average Starbucks hours of operation: Open every day: 6:00am-10:00pm
  • Number of Starbucks locations: 20,000+
    • How to Fill Out the Starbucks Job Application Form

      The immensely popular coffee shop chain offers a printable job application for potential associates. On the form, workers must provide rather extensive amounts of information. Namely, applicants complete sections for personal information, employment desired, education, work history, and personal or professional references. Complete the entire application before submitting the form to the nearest Starbucks location.

      Read the details below for help completing the Starbucks application.

      Personal Information Section
      When filling out the personal information section of the Starbucks job application, job seekers should include full names, Social Security Numbers, present addresses, and current or preferred contact numbers. If present or former employee serves as a reference, list the name of the person in the personal information section, as well.

      Employment Desired Section
      Additionally, prospective associates need to mark positions desired and indicate preferred locations, salary expectations, dates available to start work, and schedule availability throughout the week.

      Education Section
      Candidates should list any high school, college, post-college, or trade schools attended in the Education portion of the Starbucks application form. Required information includes institution addresses, years completed, and subjects studied or degrees obtained. Applicants should also list any relevant skills related to potential job duties.

      Experience with Starbucks Section
      A group of questions on the Starbucks job application examines what potential hires know about the company, how often prospective workers visit company stores, customer service experience acquired, and reasons for pursuing employment with the popular coffeehouse chain.

      Former Employers Section
      Applicants should put an intense amount of detail into the work history portion of the Starbucks job application. Starting with the most recent employer, job seekers must provide contact information for the last three companies worked for. The coffee retailer allows prospective entry-level employees to put down any volunteer work in place of traditional employment, if needed. Candidates must provide dates and locations of employment, starting and ending wages, positions held, job duties, and reasons for leaving. The prominent chain also asks for the names and contact numbers of former supervisors. Job seekers need to specify whether or not hiring personnel may contact former employers.

      References Section
      In addition to previous jobs, the Starbucks application form requires at least three professional references familiar with the work and character of applicants. When providing references, prospective associates should list the full names, addresses and phone numbers, occupations, and the number of years known for each referent. Job hopefuls should use former supervisors, teachers, and coworkers when selecting references. Before finishing the job application, candidates must sign and date the form, which effectively allows the global chain to perform background checks and investigate references, employment records, and all other information provided in the document.

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