Subway Application Form

A worldwide chain of fast food submarine sandwich restaurants, Subway must regularly add new staff members to fill various entry-level positions. Typical to the industry, fast food jobs available with the chain, such as cashier and sandwich artist roles, only require applicants to meet minimum age requirements, which usually rest around 16. Supervisory jobs, which also commonly open up with the sub sandwich chain, generally require some food handling and customer service experience. Use the PDF form found below to apply for work with a local restaurant of choice.

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Subway Quick Facts

  • How old to work at Subway: 16
  • Average Subway hours of operation: Open every day: 10:00am-10:00pm
  • Number of Subway locations: 40,000+
    • How to Fill Out the Subway Job Application Form

      The Subway job application consists of five primary sections, including an employment test appearing on the second page of the application to judge whether applicants qualify for work. The assessment examines applicant math and customer service skills.

      Read the information below for help filling out the application.

      “Personal Information” Section
      Job seekers begin filling out the application form with personal information, including names, Social Security or tax identification numbers, addresses, and phone numbers. Subway also asks whether applicants stand at least 16 years of age or worked for the restaurant chain before. Prospective workers must provide the name, address, and phone number of an emergency contact, as well. Candidates should use ink when completing the application and print answers clearly. Directly following the personal information section, the document poses questions regarding hiring eligibility and employment status. Applicants must indicate the ability to work legally in the United States and meet the attendance requirements of the desired position.

      “Availability” Section
      Subway also provides a row of checkboxes for job seekers to indicate preference for part-time, full-time, seasonal, or temporary employment. Prospective employees then enter hours available for work into a table with spaces for each day of the week. Candidates must also calculate the total hours available per week and identify dates available to begin work. When presenting hours of availability, applicants should keep schedules as open and flexible as possible to gain increased hiring consideration.

      “School Most Recently Attended” Section
      After completing the availability section of the job application form, prospective Subway associates provide information about any schools most recently attended. Candidates must supply the names, addresses, and phone numbers of the academic institutions, the names of the primary teachers or counselors, last grades completed, and grade point averages. The fast food chain also asks about current enrollment in programs or whether applicants matriculated. Applicants then find spaces to outline involvement in sports or other extracurricular activities. Potential workers should ensure sports or activities listed do not contradict or otherwise interfere with the schedule availability given in the previous section.

      “Most Recent Employment” Section
      The next section of the Subway employment application deals with work history. For the two most recent jobs held, applicants must fill in the company names, addresses, and phone numbers, job titles, supervisor names, dates of employment, pay rates, and reasons for leaving. Job seekers must also indicate whether to grant hiring managers permission to contact current employers, if applicable. The application form includes space to explain reasons for refusal. If necessary, candidates should use the space to emphasize the need for discretion typical of many job searches.

      “References” Section
      Immediately before the employment test, Subway requires applicants to list two references. The references section of the job application contains spaces for the names, addresses, and phone numbers of contacts with the ability to speak positively about the past work of prospective employees. Job seekers must also specify the length of the relationships with selected references. Candidates should choose current or former managers to serve as references and avoid listing family members and friends whenever possible.

      “Employment Test” Section
      The following page of the Subway application form includes an employment test divided into two parts. In the first part, applicants perform basic addition and subtraction without a calculator before answering questions about money and making change. The second part of the employment test features open-ended questions asking prospective associates to respond to hypothetical workplace situations. Job seekers must also debate the importance of excellent service versus a quality product and describe the most essential qualifications of a fast food employee. When crafting responses, applicants should draw upon personal experiences from previous jobs, if possible, and use complete sentences. As open-ended questions frequently come with multiple possible answers, hiring managers often focus less on the actual response and more on the ability of candidates to solve problems and make logical and compelling arguments.

      “Legal Terms” & “Signature” Sections
      Subway includes information at the conclusion of the job application identifying certain health issues sometimes preventing employees from fully performing key tasks. Applicants must then indicate the ability to fulfill the essential functions of employment with the submarine sandwich chain by marking the appropriate checkbox. The job application form stands complete after candidates sign and date a statement at the bottom certifying the veracity of information provided and authorizing the internationally popular chain to contact references and conduct background checks. After ensuring accuracy and completeness, job seekers should submit the finished application to a local restaurant for immediate hiring consideration.

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