Taco Bell Application Form

Prominent Mexican-style fast food chain Taco Bell commonly hires competent job seekers to staff a variety of entry-level job openings, such as team member, cook, cashier, and drive-thru cashier positions. Restaurant roles typically hiring do not require applicants to meet any strict qualifications to gain employment. Managerial job titles also exist; however, supervisory roles often require candidates to possess extensive work experience in the fast food or restaurant industries. Prospective fast food workers should turn in the following completed PDF form to a nearby location for hiring consideration.

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Taco Bell Quick Facts

  • How old to work at Taco Bell: 16
  • Average Taco Bell hours of operation: Sunday-Thursday: 10:00am-9:00pm; Friday-Saturday: 10:00am-10:00pm
  • Number of Taco Bell locations: 6,000+
    • How to Fill Out the Taco Bell Job Application Form

      As one of the largest fast food chains in the world, Taco Bell uses an in-depth job application form to screen potential employees. Successfully completing the document may help job seekers join a workforce of more than 175,000 associates. The company application form provides access to jobs teaching new workers valuable technical competences, customer service abilities, social skills, business knowledge, organization and planning, and responsibility. For best chances of receiving interviews, applicants should read the mission statement, company goals, and directions on how to correctly fill out the form.

      Employment hopefuls should read about the sections of the form below in order to increase the likelihood of successful job offers.

      “Personal Information” & “Position Requested” Sections
      The restaurant chain requires certain personal information in order to process an application. Standard information includes full name, phone number, street address, social security number, and emergency contact. Job seekers under 18 years old must provide proof of age. Prospective employees must also answer questions regarding health, education or work discipline, and any convictions of major crimes or felonies. Candidates need to then choose from several positions on the Taco Bell form. Job titles include team member, shift lead, assistant manager, and restaurant general manager.

      “Availability” Section
      Schedule availability plays a major factor in the hiring process for Taco Bell. On the company job application, candidates must provide availability for each day of the week. Each location requires applicants to possess reliable transportation to work. Most stores stay flexible with hours, especially for applicants currently enrolled in school. The Availability section also asks if job seekers remain willing to work at alternative locations if no positions remain open at desired stores.

      “Education” Section
      Taco Bell then wants the educational backgrounds of potential associates. Applicants must provide information for high school, college, and other institutions, such as trade schools. Candidates should provide addresses, number of years completed, grade-point-average, degrees or diplomas obtained, and any contact numbers. The job application also includes space for employment seekers to list involvement in job-related organizations, clubs, activities, and hobbies.

      “Work Experience” Section
      References and work history stand out as arguably the two most important sections of the form. Ringing endorsements from previous employers may help an applicant land a job. On the application, candidates should record information from three previous companies. For first-time job seekers, Taco Bell may accept alternatives, such as volunteer work. Aspirants should include name, address, position held, and a supervisor name with contact numbers. Dates of employment should remain as accurate as possible, along with ending wages. Applicants must state reasons for leaving past jobs, as well. Prospective workers must go on to acknowledge any previous employment with Yum! Brands subsidiaries, such as Pizza Hut, KFC Corporation, and Tricon Global Restaurants. Job hopefuls should also list any immediate relatives that currently work or previously held positions for the company.

      “References” Section
      Acceptable references include school, work, and certain personal connections. Applicants may not use immediate relatives as references. For each reference, potential associates must provide the full name, telephone number, and relationship with the applicant. Candidates must mark down the type of reference, such as school, work, or personal, along with how long the applicant has known the person.

      “Applicant’s Statements” Section
      After reviewing information on the form, applicants must read and acknowledge several official statements before signing the application form. By signing the Taco Bell job application, job seekers allow the company to contact former employers, official references, schools, and perform general background investigation. Applicants acknowledge the validity of all statements on the application form, and any falsification or omissions may void employment consideration. After completing the form and signing to verify accuracy of statements, hopefuls should submit the document to preferred locations.

      Official Site: http://jobs.tacobell.com